For the Professional Esthetician.
Serums infused with pure oxygen and no chemicals. A Stabilized and Encapsulated pure oxygen process with other vital nutrients for the Skin.

Treatment Serums for Skin Types:
  • Rosacea/Couperose/Sensitive (reduces redness and irritation, calming)
  • Acne (calming, anti-bacterial, healing)
  • Dry/Mature for hydration (revitalizing, stimulating)
  • Eye & Lip Therapy (revitalizes tired eyes, helps nourish the lips) Neck & Decollate Therapy (replenishes loss of elasticity, building collagen and elastin)

Treatments Clients and Patients will benefit from:

Day to Day Clients will benefit from the OxygenSkinBlast TM because it will revitalize their skin and give them a fresh and rested look, with an uplifting tired eyes, face, and neck.

Post Treatment And Recovery:
  • Facial Treatments
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical Peels
  • Laser Resurfacing Treatments
  • Cosmetic Surgery

OxygenSkinBlast™ treatments enhance healing processes, improves and restores collagen and elastin. Improves fine lines and discolorations.
  • Oxygen is an element with the symbol O.
  • It is colorless, odorless, tasteless gas.
  • 90% of the body’s energy is produced from oxygen
  • and only 10% comes from food and water.
  • Oxygen is the main source of life and energy to all of our 7.5 trillion cells.
  • Oxygen starvation or deficiency is the greatest cause of degenerative diseases.
OxygenSkinBlast™ treatments help soothe, protect, and help reverse the damage done by natural aging, and elements found in the air. i.e. pollution.

OxygenSkinBlast™ treatments help boost the cellular metabolism, aiding in the renewal of cell production.

To remain healthy every cell in the entire body must be provided with a continuous supply of oxygen. Pollution, synthetic perfumes/cosmetics, prescription drugs, sun-exposure, diet, and stress can make your skin look dull, dry and lifeless.
Oxygen in air bubbles trapped in ancient amber as well as core samples of ice taken from polar regions, indicated that there used to be an oxygen content of 38% in the air, we currently have 21% oxygen in our air. There isn’t much oxygen available in the air today. We must all, individually and collectively, make the effort to get more oxygen in our systems in every way possible.


OxygenSkinBlast™ aids in the healing process and cell repair. Aids in the Production of collagen and epithelial cell growth. Essential for cellular activity, repair and function. Helps to strengthen collagen and elastin.


Cellular regeneration, stimulates circulation, aids in tissue repair, stimulates Cell growth, relaxes your client/patient, reduces infection. Improves overall texture of skin, soothing and calming, reduces redness, Infections, irritations, speeds up recovery and healing process, reduces Acne and scarring.

As we age and grow older our bodies take in less oxygen, therefore also effecting our skin. Moving along with the times, it’s important to stay on top of all the latest techniques and treatments that are available to us as professionals and most importantly that really work.

Your clients and patients will be happy you did.
Restoring your skin’s health“one layer at a time”

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Esthetic Formula™ will help Preserve & Restore your skins health, “One Layer At A Time ™”.
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